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Have you ever heard the saying:

Most "Overnight Successes" Take 10 Years? 

My Program shatters that notion! 

Speed up the Growth of Your Agency by YEARS not weeks with our over 75 Tools, 140 Micro Formatted Videos and Personal Guidance System for your Agency Growth plans.   

Have you ever tried to figure out why two similar people, both honest, with similar backgrounds and intelligence, can start out in similar situations, and one become crazy successful while the other seems to flounder around, never really "breaking through"?  What's the "secret"...what makes one, and breaks the other?

There's a reason that the overwhelming amount of people who start an agency either create a really bad job for themselves or outright fail in their first 5 years.  Is it Destiny? Hard Work? Positive thinking? Natural ability? Enough capital?  More training or licenses? Some think it's just hard work (hustle)…or a better location. .. or just "lady luck"?  Why, for every agency that succeeds, the majority has to fail?

As I was thinking about this, about what the "secret" was that would make one agency succeed and the other never more than mediocre (or worse, destined to fail!) ... my thoughts went back to when I first started my agency.  I was full of piss and vinegar (hustle, hustle, hustle), taking on the big boys from my upstairs spare bedroom!  

I was committed to knowing more, working harder and networking like crazy… I was going to make it big!  50, 60, 70 hour weeks (and more)… I made a lot of mistakes and stumbles along the way.  Some little, some huge… like destroying my marriage and stressing myself into a heart attack (literally).  I did build the agency I wanted…retired from it… and sold it for a pile of cash… but at what a cost!

I learned too late that all my digital knowledge and technical ability wasn't what made the difference (I lost plenty of bids to less qualified competitors!). It wasn't just working harder or sheer luck (oh yeah, I got called "Lucky" a lot!) or any of the other things people imagine.  In fact, I had been my own worst enemy!  It's a bloody miracle I managed to build the huge, successful agency I did… and live through it. 

What I learned might surprise you.  But let me warn you:  

If you're looking for easy answers, read no further.  You know...the universal cure-all;  "Do this", or "Do that", and everything else will

"fall into place". You will be dissatisfied with what I'm about to share with you.  It's taken me over 18 years to build this program...and if you're ready for real-world answers to your real-life problems, then sit down, set aside the next half-hour or so, and listen to what I had to learn...what every freelancer/small agency owner must learn to experience explosive success in today's economy.

What Is The Fastest Road To Growing A Successful, Profitable Agency Today?

Well, let's get one thing clear first, there is no one secret to success or magic money button.  In every business, there are several vital, important areas you have to learn…and address.  Oh yeah, you can call them 'secrets', OR "ninja" if you want, but everybody has to learn them, or you'll never crossover to true financial & personal (quality of life) success!  It's like building a building… having a pile of wood and nails isn't enough…you need a blueprint or roadmap -- a clear-cut guide with everything spelled out for you -- or it'll all fall apart in the end!

The first thing you need to learn is this, if you're ever going to make REAL MONEY you must first put yourself in a position to do so. The more stuff you do yourself, the less you make... that's right:

1) "The LESS Stuff You Do, The More Money You Will Make!"

See, I always had to know everything about everything.  I could always jump in and take control of a project to drag it over the finish line.  In fact, when you get right down to it I HAD TO Show that I was the best.  This one truth probably cost me seven figures alone!  

Now, hand-in-hand with that was that I had a HARD Time taking advice or coaching from anyone.  

2) Seek help from the best you can find in our field, and ONLY take advice from someone who's actually done it successfully, who's achieved what you want for your agency."

There's a reason my Dad used to call me "Hard Headed!" (not a compliment)  But I had to learn this one the hard way!

First, I went to all the conferences and sat through all the training.  But all those tens of thousands of dollars was drop in a bucket when you consider the MOST Expensive "Lesson" Of All was from:  The "School of Hard Knocks" 

I kept banging at it for years… and it almost killed me (literally)!  If that's the way you want it, keep beating your head against the wall and spending more money than you need to. 

One of my favorite quotes is from Einstein.  He said,

"Doing the same things over and over again -- and expecting different results -- is the definition of insanity!"

Keep doing the same thing OR seek out an expert...someone who obviously has a handle on all the important parts of your agency (me)...and get the needed answers!  You will definitely  find this way to be a whole lot cheaper -- and quicker -- in the end.

Now if you want to stay small, keep enough projects going for you and maybe one or to virtuals, there's no point in reading any further… just keep doing what you've been doing and you'll keep on getting the same results you've been getting. 

But if you want to build a real agency (be more than a gloried freelancer)… one that potentially could provide a high 6-figure income for you year in and year out --  or be sold in 3-5 years for millions -- I can help you. I can show you how to do it and AVOID the mistakes most other agencies (and freelancers and entrepreneurs) keep making over and over again.

Owning an Agency can be one of the loneliest places in the world.  

You already know your stuff.  Your clients turn to you for your expertise, and when you and your team get a client, you know how to Wow them!  You know how to make their site look like a million bucks.  Make their CRM sing and work their online presence like a superstar.  SEO and social media…no problem.

But there's a whole lot more to running an Agency than just being good, isn't there?

  • Handshakes and one-page agreements don't cut it when you have a shot at a big project.  They want a professionally-done proposal… and that's a whole different animal!  
  • And sales!  Schmoozing at networking events, hit or miss follow-ups, and "hope-for" referrals aren't enough… you need constant lead-flow to keep your company growing.  
  • Managing your metrics, hiring the right people, eliminating feast or famine production swings, these are all part of your day to day job.  Did I say job?  
  • When did your business become your job?  When did you stop being the entrepreneur and having to be the chief cook and bottle washer… the employee at the bottom of the hill, where everything slides to?

Let me tell you:  You're not alone!  You had a dream and more than that, you had the drive, the focus and the grit to stick to it all -- through all those boring classes and sweating all those licensing exams.

What if there was a way for you to cut to the chase, a roadmap you could follow to break through all the things holding you and your agency back, and start experiencing real success?  Not in years but in months starting to see real world changes happening in your Agency.   Here you go --My...


Includes instant access to 12 courses (plus two bonus courses, so 14 total) , Workbooks, One on One Coaching, Over 75 Tools/Templates, 140 Micro Formatting Videos,  and SO Much More! 

Overview of Course Flow - Follows Same Chapter Structure of my Book.
(This Flow Was Engineered for Maximum Growth & Ease of Implementation)

Course 1 - 10 Step Niche Process

Why is it such a big deal to find your niche? Ever heard of the phrase “History always repeats itself?” Well, it is true. In this course I will go through our 10-step niche down process and explain why it is CRITICAL to find your niche ASAP with your agency.

Course 2 - Productization

So, what is Productization and why should you care about it? Productization is a key strategy in creating and running a service-based business. In this course, I will demonstrate our “Productization Pricing Model”. I will show you how to get out of the weeds, and get in the driver’s seat.

Course 3 - Proposal Delivery System

We all know that not every proposal is created equally. In this course, I cover all of the steps required to create a streamlined proposal and delivery system that will dramatically increase your agency's close percentages.  I have a proven way to land big projects and eliminate 90% of the competition.

Course 4 - Prospect Engagement

Engagement of a prospective client can be intimidating at times, but it does not have to be. In this course, I show you how to increase your confidence, how to "Break the Ice" through your elevator pitch and sales deck delivery. Learn the basic tools to engage prospects, determine interest level, vet on pricing and establish a rapport.

Course 5 - Lead Harvesting

It never fails, the overwhelming majority of agencies I come across, ask me, "How do I get more leads". In this course, I give you a 100% guaranteed method to drive new business in the door! We have everything we need to generate sales, now let's get out there and drive some revenue. 

Course 6 - Traffic Generation

When it comes to traffic, it is about quality over quantity. In this course, you will learn to to pay for traffic wisely. Learn how to put your money where the quality leads are rather than spending tons of money on leads that have no  intention of buying from you.

Course 7 - Leadership

Your Agency is your life! So how do you take your agency to the next level, have that growing and thriving agency without it being tethered to you?  It is all about leadership. In this course, I will show you how to loosen the reins and allow your employees to make decisions with confidence.

Course 8 - Project Management

Learn how to manage your projects in such a way that helps kill scope creep, keeps your clients happy and WOW'd by your services and staff, and makes life easier on you and your team. In this course, I will cover my 8-step project management system that is guaranteed to set the proper expectations for projects every time! .

Course 9 - Sales and Marketing Automation

Learn the exact steps needed to take your sales to the next level and  eliminate follow up failure! In this course, learn how to scale your agency by driving leads - harvesting and then converting them into happy paying clients - all done with automation independently of the agency owner.

Course 10 - Key Performance Indicators

Performance Indicators are quantifiable measurements used to evaluate a company's success over time. In this course, I give the big 3 KPIs every agency must know to be successful! I lay out a plan to properly test and track your success as well as, be as effective and efficient as possible with your marketing dollars.

Course 11 - Brand Positioning

Brand Positioning is what separates you from your competitors. In this course, I show you how to build value in your brand, make you the only choice as far as your target audience and increase your pricing by at least 20%. Some you can control, some you cannot, tune in to find out how to accelerate your brand positioning elements and speed up your time to close numbers. 

Course 12 - Pricing

Pricing can be a very complex topic; It literally has hundreds of moving parts. In this course, I break it down into 3  concepts: the 3 Ms of pricing. This formula is simple and if followed will allow you to increase your pricing by at least 10-20% in 90 days.


Will You Be One of the Next Agencies on the Video Wall of Agency Success?

Not Only Do My Students Rave About My Program, So Does Amazon!!  


Over 140 Coaching Videos Micro Formatted

We produced the content in small bite size chunks. How do you eat an elephant? "One Bite At a Time"  

The majority of the videos are less than 2 - 3 minutes long and get straight to the information when you need it! 

FAQ Video Library

We only work with digital agencies! As we I go through my coaching calls I get asked questions. Over time I have documented the top 45 questions agency leaders have on a daily basis. 

We broke them up and created the top 3 or 4 for each course. Get answers to the pressing questions you have immediately. 

We also welcome any questions you have for future FAQ videos. 

You Get Over 75 Tools!!!

Proposal Template, Legal Agreements, Project Scope Template, KPI Spreadsheets, Lead Magnet Templates, Email Swipe and Deploy Copy, MindMaps and literally to many to list in this part, but do not worry.

LIST OF THE TOOLS BELOW, keep scrolling we added a section in just for you ;-)

2 Hours of One on One Coaching

Every single student in every single class gets one on one coaching from me. Every six months we will schedule a time to look at your agency, discuss your pain points and get some real world solutions in place. As I say in a lot of my coaching calls:

There is no substitute for experience and I look forward to sharing mine with you.  

LifeTime Access w/Alumni Registration

As we produce new videos, tools, templates and content all alumni members receive first access to it. 

Remain active in the Private Facebook group, lifetime content updates, new courses, workbooks, etc...

You also get one hour of one on one coaching sessions a year just for remaining active in the alumni program.

Annual cost is $297, we throw in the first year for free!!

Self Paced/On-Demand 

LIFE HAPPENS! Kids get sick, old friends swing by .. getting everything done can be difficult at times. So we built our program to fit your lifestyle. You have 2 Options, you can get Full Access immediately or you can go through the 6-Month Self Paced Program. You get the same content, but in the 6 month program, instead of getting immediate access to everything we built a drip campaign to hold you accountable and to deliver time sensitive information when you need it the most! 

14 Step by Step Workbooks

We spent an entire year producing videos and creating step by step workbooks that dramatically speed up your ability to digest and implement the tools you need to explode your agency. 

When you combine the workbooks with the micro formatted videos, the transformational power is overwhelming.

12 Online Courses

You get instant access to all of the courses, workbooks, videos, tools, templates and more... We also have a drip campaign setup to deliver FAQ video nuggets that guide and inspire you as you grow your agency.

2 Bonus Courses

Just for signing up for my program I will throw in a Hiring Course and a Micro Leadership Course. 

Signed Copy of My Book

All coaching students get a signed copy of my book, full access to my online courses, workbooks and unlimited support. 


40 of Those Tools Are Listed Below, To Many to List All of Them...Thousands of Hours and Millions of Dollars Went Into Developing These Real World Tools Engineered Specifically for Digital Marketing Agencies...

  1. Word Version - Proposal Template
  2. KPI Master Spreadsheet
  3. Customer Acquisition Cost Spreadsheet
  4. Billable vs. Non Billable Spreadsheet
  5. Revenue Tracking Spreadsheet
  6. Expenses Tracking Spreadsheet
  7. Project Scope Document Template
  8. Change Order Template (YOUR NEW BFF)
  9. Project Calibration Template
  10. Project Phase Sign Off Template 
  11. Hosting Service Level Legal Agreement
  12. Service Level Legal Agreement
  13. Privacy Policy Legal Agreement
  14. Refund Policy Legal Agreement
  15. Terms & Conditions Legal Agreement
  16. Customer Avatar Worksheet
  17. Brand Positioning Worksheet
  18. Implementation Goals Worksheet
  19. New Hire Offer Letter Template
  20. New Hire Personality Assessment

21. New Hire Skill Set Assessment

22. New Hire Job Description Template

23. New Hire Social Media Assessment Spreadsheet

24. Over 100 Interview Questions

25. New Hire Interview Grading Rubrics 

26. Lead Harvesting Mind Map

27. 30 Day Nurturing Mind Map

28. Holiday/Evergreen Nurturing Mind Map

29. New Client On-Boarding Mind Map

30. Client Satisfaction & Positive Reviews Mind Map

31. Over 60 Email Templates (Swipe and Deploy)

32. Over 70 Content Topic Ideas

33. Object Oriented Planning System Workbook

34. Top 12 Lead Magnets for Agencies

35. Lead Magnet Creation Worksheet

36. 20 Additional Lead Magnet Ideas

37. Leadership Team Meeting Agenda Outline

38. Group Team Building Exercises  

39. Purpose Statement Worksheet

40. Core Values List








"Lee built the first scalable and "real" agency in the Infusionsoft ecosystem. "

Clate Mask

*Clate is not a student, although he is always welcome. I built my first agency in the Infusionsoft/Keap Partner Community

"I have time to work on my own business and am feeling structured, which is important for me to be productive. We are completing projects faster and are finding we have room to bring on more clients."

Brandon Hopper
Hopper Co, Inc

"We went into a meeting knowing we were overpriced, after delivering Lee's proposal template the prospect was blown away. He is finding the money to get started now, THANKS LEE!"

Chad Smchidt
Optimization Prime

"Thank you for putting together a program that finally puts real world and practical content all in one place from someone who's been there."

Paul Barnes

"So I'm reinforcing my brand, and I'm creating raving fans that I wasn't creating before because frankly, I allowed myself to fall to the wayside.... He's a good ol' boy, who helps you get good ol' results!"

Ted Miller

"Buy this book/Program, follow the roadmap, and if you are serious about growing your agency, invest in his systems and coaching. You will save yourself so much time and make more money, faster."

Mandi Ellefson
Hands Off CEO

I have owned a digital marketing agency for 20 years now and it took me years to learn the hard way some of the great things that Lee teaches in this book/program. Every agency, whether they are just starting out or have years under their belts needs to read this book, buy the program and start implementing today.

Troy Howard
VP of Business Dev

"Lee Goff's strategies are the key to marketing agency success. This book lays out fundamental strategies and tactics that have been used successfully by someone who has done it before."

Stephanie Hudson
Sweat Tea Marketing


How long does it take to see results?

The Overwhelming number of my students see results in the first month or two. As you meet other Agency Success students, study the content, implement the tools and dive into the program there are countless ways this program will make your life easier. 

Can I Go At My Own Pace?

Of course you can, most students decide to tackle one topic/system at a time, and I strongly recommend you do the same. Now, if you just cannot follow along with the step-by-step program and learn with the group, we can give you full access to all tools and courses. The monthly workshops will continue as scheduled, and of course we hope you can join us on occasion. 

How Long Do I Have Access to the Courses, Workbooks, Facebook Group, etc..??

Our Alumni program allows you to access all of your groups private workshop recordings, all of the tools, online course updates, workbook updates, access to the group specific Facebook group and more...

As long as the Alumni class is active, we will keep it going! We will do what it takes for as long as it takes to ensure you are successful using my program  ;-) 


Private Facebook Group for Students

      I am sure you have heard the saying "It Takes a Tribe". It is absolutely 100% the truth, surround yourself with like minded/successful people and you will eventually become successful. 



Hire the next Rock Star for your agency with my proven 7 step hiring process. Complete with interview questions, interview rubrics, personality test, job description template, job offer template and more! 

Micro - Leadership Course

This is perfect for key employees you want to groom into a leadership position. It is not as involved as the full leadership course, so it does not overwhelm them at first. Hiring and grooming the right talent WILL be a key component to your agency success. 

Video Nugget Library

We produced over 43 videos specifically answering the most popular questions freelancer/agency leaders are asking themselves (or us in our coaching calls).

Most are two minutes or less, if it holding you back from explosive growth, cruise the video nugget library or submit a request for us to address your specific question/problem.