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The Most Comprehensive and Real World Roadmap Ever Written for Digital Marketing Agencies! 

Learn the Exact Systems You Need to Build the Agency of Your Dreams...

You Can Go At Your Own Pace, Or You Can Read/Implement a New System Each Month, This Book is Laid Out in an Easy to Digest Format. Whether You are Breaking Through the 7 Figure Mark or Just Getting Started, My Roadmap Will Give You the Clarity to Make Tough Decisions with 100% Confidence.
Your Personal Guidance System to Success! 
This book is an agency roadmap that helps you travel down the road to success. You can use the express lane and finish as quickly as you can. However, I recommend you stop at each attraction during the ride, so you can master each skill before tackling the next. This book is designed so that with a month of action taking and implementation you can master each chapter. You will learn a lot by just reading this book through, but if you have the discipline to get the 12 systems, processes and tools I mention in this roadmap implemented, you will become a Successful Agency Business Owner with enough profit to pursue all of your life dreams. 
Core Philosophy Behind Book...

The principles and strategies written in this book are timeless and not limited to a specific agency model. These tactics are proven and have worked for startups and medium-sized agencies. It’s worked for all types of agencies as well: Creative, Advertising, Development, Social Media and Media Buying agencies.

I’ve laid this book out so that you can work on each chapter at your own pace. For the purposes of this book, we recommend a month for each chapter. If you are a startup with a ton of time on your hands, you can get it done a lot faster. If you are a medium-sized agency with employees, a month or even longer may be required. Rest assured that If you follow the roadmap, you can expect to accomplish the following items for your agency...
Why did I write Agency Success Roadmap? I wrote this book to provide a real-world roadmap that empowers both existing and future agency owners with a proven guidance system that allows them to achieve Growth, Profit, and Success as rapidly as possible. All of this is intended to help them achieve their version of the American Dream so they can spend more time with family and friends. 

Regardless of what types of services you offer or niche you serve, if you follow the steps in this book, your agency will run substantially smoother, it will generate higher profits, and it will allow you to delegate with confidence while enjoying their time with friends or family.

In My World, it is ALL ABOUT RESULTS!
Here are Some Real World Results From a Few Students and Other Awesome People.
Will be on Amazon for $21.95



Sold over 500k of residual income in 60 days using Marketing Agency Coach systems. In the previous three years he sold a total of 176k, he is now generating well over 25k a month in profit. 

Brennen Bliss
PixelCut Labs - CEO & Founder

Lee built the first scalable and "real" agency in the Infusionsoft eco system. 

Clate Mask 
Infusionsoft - CEO & Co-Founder 

We walked into a sales meeting thinking we were way overpriced, but Lee has trained us to customize our proposal to the point where our client said it made it easy for him to see how the ROI was going to come back.

Chad B. Schmidt
Optimization Prime - CEO & Founder

Before hiring Lee, I was a taskmaster, now I own my own marketing agency and I am a true marketer! Life transformation!

Laura Kamrath 
Zebra Marketing - President
This book covers all of the systems you need to build a successful digital agency. We also listed them in the order you should implement them. There are dozens of specific items you will learn in this book, a few of the most important are listed below. 
  • 8 Step Project Management System - Eliminate Scope Creep Forever
  • Legos Productization Pricing Model - Build it Once, Sell it Thousands of Times!
  • Agency Sales & Marketing Automation System
  • 10 Step Niche Down Process - Niche With Confidence
  • Proposal Delivery System - Close Big Deals Faster with my Proposal Template and Delivery System.
  • Lead Harvesting Methodology - Eliminate the Peaks and Vally's of Chasing Leads
  • Prospect Engagement Tools - Hook more of the prospects you meet with the proven tools of the trade. 
Chapter 1 - 10 Step Niche Down Process. oPicking a niche can be one of the biggest decisions you make. Make it with confidence after properly vetting it with our proven 10 step process.
Chapter 3 - Proposal Creation and Deliver I cover how to create a proposal template that sets proper expectation levels, can be customized in 5 minutes or less and closes BIG DEALS!
Chapter 2 - Productization  In this chapter we cover the 6 systems you need to think about while productizing your agency. If you get this right, everything gets 10x's easier. Life Transformational Easier!!
Chapter 5 - Lead Harvesting. Eliminate the peaks and valleys of getting leads permanently. Build your agency a marketing database that empowers your explosive growth for years to come.